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After a visit to Portland that ended up lasting for 10 years, I decided it was time go home to the east coast. I suspect that a list of the things that I've missed about New England and what I'll miss about Portland will probably say a lot about me.


Things I miss about Portland:

  • Access to nature - ski to a fire tower for the weekend? No problem.

  • The Portland Flag Association - It turns out I'm really into Vexillology.

  • Transportation options - Living without a car was low-stress, fun, and not weird.

  • Cheap movie theaters - Beer, pizza, and a classic movie for $10? Deal.

  • Hype - Actually...I won't miss those New York Times articles at all.


Things I've missed about the Northeast:

  • My family - My parents are still in Bedford and my sister's family is in Brooklyn. 

  • Dirty old cities - I miss the history, crooked streets, and graffiti.

  • Diversity - A wider variety of backgrounds and worldviews makes life interesting.

  • Direct communication - Portlanders have a million ways of saying "no" but "no" isn't one.

  • Weather - I miss summer thunderstorms and frigid, clear winter days.

  • Good Cheese - I could never be vegan while living near Vermont.


That pretty much sums me up, right?


Here's my resume.






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