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Bike Portland

advisor and content contributor

My daredevil friend Jay lost her front teeth in a high-speed downhill crash. At the time, I was on an "editorial committee" with a cop, a planner, and an activist helping to review and edit stories for my friend's fledgling blog. When a bunch of folks threw a fundraiser to pay Jay's dental bills, I pitched it as a story and it became my first blog post on


Bike Portland has won widespread recognition for its broad coverage of infrastructure, policy, and culture -- the trio of components central to Portland's bike friendly city status. The editorial committee soon disbanded but my role as occasional contributor, trusted source, and informal advisor continued. I wrote about court cases, public art, advocacy issues, and in 2011 I covered Interbike, the country's largest bike industry trade show. Jonathan Maus and Bike Portland deserve a lot of credit for documenting America's third bike boom. I'm proud and grateful to have played a small role in that work.


Some of the articles I wrote:

Crash Knocks Out Teeth, Community Puts Them Back

Bike Shop Ads Go Far Beyond the Ordinary

Zoobomb 'Pyle' Will Become Official Public Art

Pedalpalooza 2010 - Countdown Begins

From the Strip to 'the Alley,' Advocacy Happens at Interbike


Photos below from my 2011 Interbike coverage.


Interbike social ride
Momentum Magazine fashion show
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