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In Portland, you know that summer is right around the corner when 200 redheds bike past your house. "The Ginger Ride" seems big but it's just one small part of what has grown to be one of the world's largest festivals of bike fun: Pedalpalooza.


After seeing Pedalpalooza posters and stickers around town, the first Wednesday in June is an exciting day. Open the local alt-weekly and you'll find a calendar of over 300 Pedalpalooza events, each one a volunteer-led opportunity to discover new friends and places. There's something for everyone from small playground-hopping family rides to all-night-long 2,000 person dance party rides and every Friday you can count on free coffee and donuts if you walk or bike across Portland's bridges.


Since leading my first ride in 2006, I quickly become a primary organizer responsible for Pedalpalooza collateral. For ten years, I would recruit rides, write and edit the calendar, manage the poster art and production, and maintain relationships with Pedalpalooza's various sponsors including the City of Portland, Stumptown Printers, and the Portland Mercury. I also fostered a supportive and constructive relationship with the city's Police Bureau. They get a lot of calls in June. "I'm not sure if this is a problem but I'm seeing lots of Zombies? On bikes? Riding in the fountain?"



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Multnomah County Bike Fair
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